Bakken Oil Jobs North Dakota Where is the best place to get one?

It’s not just shale oil workers that are needed for jobs ND – they need pipe layers, teachers, construction workers (for domestic, commercial and roads), plumbers, mechanics, real estate people, bakers, geologists, administrators, police, restaurant workers, accountants, municipal workers, nurses etc. In fact – you name it, they need it!

North Dakota Oil Reserve

Struggling for work in the US (and many other parts of the world)

but not in North Dakota!

They’ve got an oil boom in the shale fields and the HELP WANTED sign is out.

Bakken Oil Jobs

The Bakken Formation

The reason for all this growth is the Bakken Formation or Bakken oil sands, an area roughly the size of West Virginia or about Rocking The Bakken2/3rds of North Dakota, and it reaches into Montana, Utah, and north into Alberta and the Canadian shale oil field. This oilfield is one of the largest discoveries of petroleum reserves in US history and could push the US past Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2017. They’ve know about North Dakota oil for decades but only recent technological advancements have made it cost-effective to get the stuff out of the ground. The extraction method is called fracking, which is a process that uses horizontal drilling and the injection, deep into the rock formation, of water and chemicals. The injection of this fluid, under pressure, produces fracturing of the rock and releases the crude oil and natural gas.

The Current Labor Demand Is Huge

According to the director of the Dept. of Mineral Resources for North Dakota, there will be about 225 operating oil rigs by the end of this year. Each oil rig requires about 120 people and if you crunch the numbers, that’s 27,000 jobs in just the petroleum industry. Factor in another 10,000 people needed to lay the pipework to the wells, the construction and operation of processing plants for natural gas, the transporting of the crude oil, water, chemicals and natural gas plus unknown numbers of all the other types of employment and you’ve got a huge labor demand. So if you’re over 18, seeking work and are willing to move, get yourself to North Dakota for Bakken oil jobs. People are landing in the town one day and depending on their skills, getting 2,3,4 job offers the next day for jobs in Williston ND.

There Are A Few Problems

The biggest hurdle to getting on of the Bakken oil jobs is the shortage of housing. The housing situation is difficult but not impossible and for single men there is a way around this problem, at least temporarily. The oil companies are building “man camps” which are temporary housing along the lines of the mobile home-type structures used by the armed services in Afghanistan and other foreign countries. They are very basic – a small room that has a bed, bathroom and a TV. Cafeteria and recreation facilities are located on the “man camp” sites. It’s no place for a family but it is some place to eat and sleep after a hard day’s work.

How to Grab The Opportunities

The opportunities are there to get a good job with very good pay and benefits, but as is so often the case, a little bit of planning can lead to much greater success, unless you really want to live in your car. Probably the best way to take advantage of the opportunities is to go there, talk to people and get the lay of the land. Do whatever you need to line up a job, then if you have a family, work out how you and they can handle the move. The living situation may be tough for a while but if you get in on the ground floor, you’ll be in place for the new housing currently being built as well as the development of your career in the oil industry. Bakken Oil Jobs North Dakota The incredible population growth in places like Williston also means that town services can’t keep up with the demand, but the growth of oil company activities means the crude oil is flowing and so is the money.  

This video courtesy of Nexen will give you an insight into the operations in the

Bakken Shale fields and the Athabasca Oil Sands.

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